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Now give the whole business a spritz of 1-1 sugar water with a little Prohealth mixed in. Repeat sugar/spritz layering process until the sugar is about 2" deep. TA DA!! And don't make these too far in advance...just have the shim built. 

Next, lay down plain, white tissue paper or newspaper with no color, on the screen. Leave about an inch around the perimeter open so the bees can come up thru.

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 Here's how to make a Sugar Board for winter feeding.

First, the shim. This is the same dimension as your hive bodies, depending on whether you have an 8 or 10 frame hive. They're about 2 inches deep. Then staple a piece of 1/2" hardware cloth to the bottom...or order one from our store!

You won't have to put this on until you do your Winter check.  When there's a bright, sunny, windless winter day, your bees will come out for cleansing flights. Then you can peek under your inner cover & see the girls looking right back at you! If you see them in large numbers on top of the frames in your top super, then it's time to FEED!!!! Put your sugar board on top of the top super, then your inner cover then your lid. Move quick but SMOOTH so as not to rile them up too much & conserve heat.

Now sugar........​and half a winter pollen patty. The patty is going to be to the front of the hive for reference. You should leave a space in the middle that will line up with the hole in your inner cover. I turn a plastic cup upside down. The extra heat and moisture still needs to escape & the bees can come up thru that way too.