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Our goal and what sets us apart from larger suppliers is the ability and desire to provide personal, fun & informational workshops with our Beginning Beekeeper Kits. With us, you'll learn how to assemble your kits pieces & parts, how to install a package, basic hive inspection, how to harvest, how to test & treat for mites & winterize! We offer real hands-on help with all aspects of beekeeping. And at the end of the day at 9 o'clock at night when you're having doubts, you can call us & if we're home and awake, we'll answer the phone! Nobody else will do that for you! Here's what some of our Beekeeper friends have to say:

​hah — love it! Seriously, your can-do attitude has really helped boost our confidence — thank you! T 

Thank you, thank you thank you.  I love your workshops .  I learn so much from you both and from your bees.  Thank you!!

​I wanted to let you know it was wonderful doing business with you. You made ordering the bees and picking them up a breeze. 

​Another great job!  I hope you both know how much I appreciate all of the heroic efforts you both make to getting those bees to us safe and sound.

We offer a complete line of reasonably priced equipment & supplies.  We use reclaimed, new pine for the wooden pieces that we build. Our Lids & Bottom Boards are "hand-milled" thru our jointer, planer, miter saw, table saw & drill press. Stop by and see the shop!