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  • How do I keep Bees?                
    Some people say bees keep us! Depending on your energy & interest level, beekeeping can be challenging & fun, relaxing & rewarding, interesting & educational. But for most of us, it's a wonderful combination of it all!
  • Where do I keep Bees?             
    Hives look a little different these days, but typically, they consist of a bottom board, 2 deep hive bodies with 10 frames & foundation in each box, an inner cover & lid.
  • What do bees like to eat?    
    The bees collect nectar & pollen from flowers and turn it into Royal Jelly & Bee Bread. Here's a list of flowers to plant but don't hold back on planting fruit trees & berry bushes!
              Borage - Lemon Balm - Bachelor Buttons
              White Clover- Trefoil-Cat Mint -Sedum
              The list is LONG!
  • How much does it cost to get started? 
    Like most things, you can spend alot but we like to  try to make it as reasonable as possible.
  • Where do I get my supplies? 
    Well, we hope you'll always come to us first, but we can also help locate what you're looking for.
  • There's a HUGE swarm of bees hanging from my fence post!!  What do I do!?  
    Most beekeepers have experience catching swarms, but check your state's Beekeepers Associations website for a list of swarm catchers. And you can always check with us! 
  • Do Bees have "Enemies"?  
    Unfortunately,they do. And they aren't always bears! Skunks, mice, hornets & wasps are on the list.
  • I'd like to have bees for my fruit trees but I don't want to be a there a way to do that? 
    Most beekeepers love to share so reach out to the state or local association for beekeepers near you.
  • Should I join a club?
    This site offers a buzz-load of club locations, workshops, mentors, articles & other good stuff! Click the link & take a look! Join today!